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Welcome to Market IQ

Market IQ is the leading provider of market intelligence via the monitoring of online media and content sources. With the current “information overload” that corporates are faced with on a daily basis, Market IQ has designed a product which extracts just the information you require and delivers it to your desktop. We monitor several thousand sources every hour ensuring you are always aware of the most current information. We strive to be the most comprehensive provider of information to the communication, marketing and research industries. Established in 2005, Market IQ has fast become an indispensable provider of business intelligence to the corporate market.

Main Applications of Service

Monitor your company and its divisions to ensure prompt and effective reputation management.
Monitor your brands and products and track what is been written about them.
Monitor your industry and market changes to ensure you are the first to react.
Monitor your competitors and their brands - which clients are they targeting; what new products have they launched.
Monitor mention of key personnel within your organization.
Monitor changes in legislation that may impact on you.




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