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Frequently asked questions about the Market IQ service


  1. Do I need to make any technical changes in order to utilize the service?
  2. How often is the information updated?
  3. Are the articles archived for later reference?
  4. Do you have any international coverage?
  5. Are the any news sources you do not monitor?
  6. Why use Market IQ instead of traditional media monitoring services?
  7. Is there a charge per article that you find?
  8. Can I change my search requirements?
  9. Do you provide analysis of the information?
  10. How do you differ to Google alerts?
  11. Can I create an alert for each INDIVIDUAL in the organization?
  12. Do you monitor TV and Radio?
  13. Can I monitor the usage stats of the service?
  14. Can we utilize the information in other forms?


  1. No. You will just need access to the internet and e-mail.
  2. We search all major sites every hour to ensure you receive the latest information.
  3. Yes. They are automatically archived on our server with a BOOLEAN search engine incorporated.
  4. Yes. Our service is split into coverage from South Africa, Africa and International. You also have the ability to add on your own content sources.
  5. We cover all news sources that are electronically available, except those that require paid subscription.
  6. We have the ability to filter the information prior to it being delivered to you so you only get the information you require. It is far more cost effective to only monitor for online mentions.
  7. No. You pay a flat monthly fee irrespective of the number of articles we return.
  8. Yes. You can change your searches at any time all changes made will be live by the next day.
  9. Yes. We provide reports based on volume of articles and source break-down. We also provide analysis on whether the articles are positive, negative or neutral.
  10. Google searches all internet based pages, whereas Market IQ searches only targeted sources of information. Our service enables us to include far more parameters in the searches to ensure we return far more accurate and relevant information. Instead of just receiving e-mail alerts our service places all articles in the respective categories and electronically archives them for future reference.
  11. Yes. Each user can create their own personalized alerts.
  12. Yes, we facilitate this service through a 3rd party vendor.
  13. Yes. We have a tool that allows you to monitor what is being accessed and how often.
  14. Yes. We can provide the raw information via XML or RSS.