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Services available from Market IQ

Market IQ monitors several thousand online sources of information every hour and extracts ONLY the information you require and delivers it to your desktop. Our technology allows us to filter the information by using “AND”, “OR” and “NOT” to ensure we remove any irrelevant information before it is delivered. We provide a structure to the results by allowing each client to create their own navigation menu and allocate where articles should be stored. To ensure you always find that important article, all results are electronically archived with a Boolean search engine incorporated. The information is delivered via e-mail or directly onto your corporate intranet.

One of the strongest features of our system is that it notices which stories you click on and builds up a profile of your interests over a period. It then uses this profile to rank the stories it reports to you in terms of their likely relevance. The stories which appear at the top of the list have the highest ranking.